71 Degrees North Boat Inliner 35lbs Rod - 2.10m (6.89ft)

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The 71° North Boat 35 Inliner is the big brother of the Boat 25 Inliner. This rod is for people who are looking for seriously large fish or going down to great depths with really heavy lures and bait. If you plan to target capital predatory fish, this is the right tool.

All inline rods are delivered with screw-off top guide wire lining aids. Every rod in the 71° North range also comes with a rod sleeve.


  • Length: 2.10m (6.89ft)
  • Transport Length: 1.50m (4.92ft)
  • Sections: 2
  • Weight: 360
  • Casting Weight: 200-700g
  • Rod Rating: 15.9kg (35lbs)
  • Handle: Duplon
  • Rating: IM-12 = 40Ton carbon fibre

Balzer GmbH was founded in 1949, 21 years before Shimano launched its fishing tackle division. Balzer fishing rods are a fantastic alternative to Shimano rods.