71 Degrees North Boat Inliner 25 Travel

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The 71° North Boat 25 Inliner Travel is the perfect lightweight allrounder fishing rod. Ideal with 200-400g bait weights, the design of the tip allows a lot of play and prevents the hook from tearing during fights.

With just 0.69cm travel-length, the rod will fit in in all conventional suitcases and bags just as easily as it will under the seat or in the boot of your car - never leave the house without your fishing rod again!

The rod comes with wire as lining aid and matching sleeve for protection during storage. It also has a cross-butt for use with belly belts.

This rod is similar to boat inline 25 but comes with 3 sections and is shorter.


  • Sections: 3
  • Weight: 265g
  • Casting Weight: 150-400g
  • Handle: Duplon
  • Rating: IM-12 = 40Ton carbon fibre