Magna Nordic Neo Surf Rod & Reel Combo

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Magna Nordic Neo Surf Rod

  • Length: 4.20m (13.78ft) or 3.90m (12.80ft)
  • Transport Length: 1.50m (4.92ft) or 1.40m (4.59ft)
  • Sections: 3
  • Weight: 670g
  • Casting Weight: 80-240g
  • Handle: Shrink Rubber
  • Blank: 36Ton carbon fibre (IM-8)
  • Guide Type: Vector Angle Guides
  • Designed for use with: Spin Reels

The Magna Nordic NEO Surf is an ultramodern, ergonomic, high-quality rod with shrink-rubber handles for maximum grip. The rod comes with vector angular guides which provide ideal support for braided lines.

The built-in joints are firm and robust ensuring the sections sit tight but can also be pulled out without any trouble when they are wet. New Zealand has 15,000 km of coastline so there is no shortage of beaches to take this rod for a good surf fish.

Tidec SC 7000 Reel

  • Line Capacity: 415m ⌀ 0.35mm
  • 7 precision ball bearings plus 1 needle bearing
  • Quick-Stop-System (Q.S.S.) for stopping rotor instantaneously
  • Reinforced main axle made of stainless steel
  • Finely adjustable front drag (S.D.S) with extra large brake discs
  • Chrome-plated brass worm shaft gear for a super long strike
  • Crosswise line lay: ideal for braided line
  • Strong-Bail-Concept, bail made of strong, lightweight aluminium
  • Anti-Swing-System (A.S.S.) for optimum smooth running
  • Anti-Twist line rollers
  • Aluminium long distance casting spool
  • Nylon/ABS spare spool
  • Optional left or right-handed operation
  • CNC mill-cut aluminium Power crank

Tidec 8 7000 SC: the long-distance surf casting machine!

All components of this reel were designed to achieve maximum casting distance, making the Tidec 8700 SC the perfect surf casting reel and the perfect match for our surf rods.

The extra-slow stroke of the special worm-shaft gear and the crosswise, optimised line lay are two of the key design features. An added bones of that is, that even the thinnest wet braided lines do not cut in!

The CNC, mill-cut aluminium crank can be screwed firmly into the corpus and thus has no backlash. There is a special rim underneath the spool (anti-tangle guide) which prevents the line from becoming entangled in the rotor.

The reel is equipped with the rubber-buffered and spring-loaded Safety Line Clip and the Lazy Rotor System fixes the rotor when the bail is folded, preventing it from twisting before or during casting.

It goes without saying that the ball bearings and main axle are made from high-class stainless steel.