Magna Nordic Boat 25lbs Inliner Rod - 2.10m (6.89ft)

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If you don’t like tangled fishing lines, this is the perfect rod for you. The Magna Nordic Boat 25 Inliner rods line is lead through the core of the rod meaning no more external guide line rings. With no more fishing lines tanged in or around the guide rings you can fish for longer and land your catch.

The perfect all-rounder rod for sea fishing when using artificial or natural bait ups to 600g, the ultra strong reel seat withholds even the strongest fights. This in combination with the cross but ending allows the rod to be used with a belly belts to chase the big fish.

The Magna Nordic Boat 25 Inliner rod is delivered with threading wire and if you prefer a compact travel rod, check out the Magna Nordic Boat 25 Inliner Travel. With 3 sections the rod can be packed down to fit in any suitcase.


  • Length: 2.10m (6.89ft)
  • Transport Length: 1.13m (3.71ft)
  • Sections: 2
  • Weight: 285g
  • Casting Weight: 400-600g
  • Rod Rating: 11.3kg (25lbs)
  • Handle: Duplon
  • Rating: IM-8 = 36Ton carbon fibre

Balzer GmbH was founded in 1949, 21 years before Shimano launched its fishing tackle division. Balzer boat rods are a fantastic alternative to Shimano rods.